Roof Cleaning Preservation

The Ugly Roof Doctor can eliminate those UGLY streaks, stains and blotches from your roof and we do it the right way!

This algae infection is not only esthetically unpleasing, untreated it further develops into Lichen or Moss deposits which imbed themselves into your roof causing damage that will reduce it's life expectancy.

Our process goes beyond the cosmetic removal of those ugly streaks, stains and blotches the algae/lichen/moss cause, it eliminates the current algae/lichen/moss build up prolonging the term between treatments.  Have us install a copper strip along the ridge of your roof and you will eliminate the need for any future treatments.

"Selling your house?" Cleaning those ugly streaks, stains and blotches from your roof will increase its value and more importunately increase curb appeal.


"Denied homeowners insurance coverage on your roof?" Ugly Roof Doctor will certify that your roof has been treated allowing for future coverage.

No job is too big or too small and we offer affordable solutions for everyone.

Our roofing experts are highly skilled and have all undergone and continue to undergo rigorous training.

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