Roof Cleaning/ Preservation

The Ugly Roof Doctor can eliminate those UGLY streaks, stains and blotches from your roof and we do it the right way!

This algae infection is not only esthetically unpleasing, untreated it further develops into Lichen or Moss deposits which imbed themselves into your roof causing damage that reduces it's integrity and life expectancy.

Our process goes beyond the treatment of the algae, lichen and moss infection, we take the additional step that not only cosmetically removes the streaks, stains and blotches it eliminates the algae/lichen/moss build up and residue prolonging the term between cleanings.

We are dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none!

The job isn't done until you are satisfied.

Our roofing experts are highly skilled, have all undergone and continue to undergo rigorous training.

We offer affordable roofing solutions for everyone.

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"Selling your home?"

Cleaning those ugly streaks, stains and blotches from your roof will increase it's curb appeal and value but more importunately eliminate the potential, "This house needs a new roof discount"

"Denied homeowners insurance coverage because of your roof?"

Ugly Roof Doctor will clarify its integrity, clean it or satisfy the insurance company needs allowing for uninhibited coverage.

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Have us install a copper strip along the ridge of your roof and you will eliminate the need for any future roof cleanings.

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